New Naruto Shippuden Opening and Ending


As we start this fall season in anime, Studio Pierrot unveils upon us a new opening and ending for Naruto Shippuden. The new opening song is called “LINE” and is performed by the Japanese male duo Sukima Switch. This is the second song that Sukima Switch performs for the Naruto franchise since they also performed “Star Vessel”, which was the theme song for The Last: Naruto the movie. The new ending song is called “Trouble Maker” and is performed by the Japanese girl band KANIKAPILA. These new opening and ending songs start as of episode 432.  If you would like to see/listen to the new opening and ending songs you can do so on Crunchyroll here:

Interestingly, you can now pre order the ending song from Amazon Japan if you would like to own it on a CD. Link for that below: